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Passionate all-round engineer and problem-solver

I started coding when I was 6 using HyperCard on my dad’s Macintosh SE. Writing code to solve problems is my passion.

Research-minded Machine Learning enthusiast

Before I graduated in Computer Science, I conducted research in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. I still like to read about a paper per week.

Backend expert

I worked in a medium-sized Silicon Valley company for one year, being mentored by early Google employees and developing Thrift microservices in Python and Golang. My backends powered products used by 50 million users on a daily basis.

Going Full-Stack

During my time at a small startup in Vietnam, I embraced the power of understanding and commanding the whole stack. Since then I planned, designed and implemented several Web Apps from end to end.

Responsive Design

While I’m no replacement for a good designer, I can implement simple, responsive designs that are nice on the eyes.

Coding Habits

My code is clean, readable and maintainable without surprises. Being a backend guy you can also expect it to be performant!

Favorite Technologies

Django, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Meteor, Semantic UI, jQuery.

Want to hire me?

Tell me about the problem you’re trying to solve via email. I’ll gladly point you in the right direction and give you a quota for the job.